[ros-dev] Undocumented APIs

James Tabor jimtabor at adsl-64-217-116-74.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net
Tue Jan 31 21:17:23 CET 2006

David Eckert wrote:
> I agree highly with Alex, I honestly think that ReactOS has lost
> complete focus on what their intentions were originally, I think it is
> time to go into discussion regarding the re-evaluation of the projects
> primary goals are, this is not good if it is left unmanaged, but on
> the other hand, it  still would be kind of neat for someone to
> "re-invent the wheel" Windows NT wouldn't it? ;)
> --
> -David W. Eckert
Yes we are going off mission and out of focus. I hope my prediction is not
going to be true.

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