[ros-dev] Undocumented APIs

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Tue Jan 31 19:51:18 CET 2006

Casper Hornstrup wrote:

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>>I am vehemently against this idea and I think it kills any chance of
>>ReactOS being an NT clone. Have we changed goals or something? I thought
>>the point wasn't just to run Windows applications.. if that's all we
>>care about now, then why don't we just say fuck-all to the NT
>>Architecture and you guys can go and do stuff your own way...get rid of
>>smss, get rid of csrss, put win32k in usermode, don't use any internal
>>NT structures anymore, and hell, don't even use syscalls anymore, nobody
>>depends on those.
>>Best regards,
>>Alex Ionescu
>Since when is ReactOS aiming to be a Windows clone?
I'm sorry, that's the way Steven (and others) always called it at 
conferences/IRC channel.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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