[ros-dev] Undocumented APIs

Thomas Weidenmueller w3seek at reactos.com
Tue Jan 31 19:35:56 CET 2006

Steven Edwards wrote:
> I think that if you want to implement a new api just for fun you
> should be free do so however I 100% agree with Caspers point of view.
> I hightly doubt your implementing a new API without any documentation
> on MSDN or somewhere on the net even if you can't find a 3rd party
> application so just quote your source for the API in the documentation
> tree and that should be good enough.

I understand that. However, I only implemented documented Vista APIs.
Pretty much all of them are already documented in the Platform SDK, a
few are documented in some PDC presentations. Of course there's no real
world application that already uses them because the OS isn't even released.

The point is their implementation in most cases is based on the (mostly)
officially undocumented native API. But since wine also starts
implementing them I guess it's OK, although only very few applications
might use them.

- Thomas

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