[ros-dev] Undocumented APIs

Sebastiaan Roodenburg reactos at sbroodenburg.nl
Tue Jan 31 15:35:51 CET 2006

> For example, in user32.dll is the function RegisterUserAPIHooks. That is
> totally undocumented.
> However, it is one of the many undocumented functions that only exist to
> allow components of windows to talk to each other (in this case it exists
> only to allow uxtheme/comctl32 to hook user32 and do
> non-client-area themeing).
> The question is, do we implement such functions?

Well... If it is exported by the DLL then it should be exported. But if it
is undocumented I don't think it should be implemented until an application
is found which uses it. Not having a RegisterUserAPIHooks implementation
doesn't make ReactOS run less windows programs. I would suggest something
like introducing a "UNDOCUMENTED;" macro (like the UNIMPLEMENTED; macro) to
track down used undocumented functions...


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