[ros-dev] Undocumented APIs

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at tpgi.com.au
Tue Jan 31 14:43:18 CET 2006

> According to the legal repercussions that came about from the first MS//US DOJ 
> lawsuit there are to be _no_ undocumented function calls within the Microsoft 
> operating systems. If you are worried about function calls from the older 
There are MANY function calls inside even the most basic low-level 
libraries for which no documentation exists.
For example, in user32.dll is the function RegisterUserAPIHooks. That is 
totally undocumented.

That is just one example.
However, it is one of the many undocumented functions that only exist to 
allow components of windows to talk to each other (in this case it exists 
only to allow uxtheme/comctl32 to hook user32 and do non-client-area themeing).
The question is, do we implement such functions?

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