[ros-dev] GetGlyphOutline

James Tabor jimtabor at adsl-64-217-116-74.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net
Tue Jan 31 09:12:42 CET 2006

Steven Edwards wrote:
> Hi James,
> On 1/31/06, James Tabor
> <jimtabor at adsl-64-217-116-74.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net> wrote:
>>I finished a fast port of GetGlyphOutline from Wine. Not too bad, no crashes.
> Nice. Can you open a bug on bugzilla and attach a patch there? I am
> closing out all of the bugs except for the ones that have patches with
> them so we can merge them as part of the audit.
No problem,
The bug is still open for xchat!

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