[ros-dev] Re: New Setup system

Peter Ward dralnix at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 23:07:27 CET 2006

    Transparently supporting multiple compression formats would solve 
the various opinions here I think. I see no reason to limit the 
"package" manager to using only packages. It would be nice if it 
supported packages as well as "ports" (ports as in a recipe file that 
would have instructions for retrieving/building/installing apps). Add to 
that repository support with user definable locations on the net or 
local and you have one complete software management system :). Some 
people seem to think XML is to heavy for this (it doesn't bother me). 
There is a much lighter weight alternative available called YAML more 
information about YAML can be found here: http://www.yaml.org/

    As for the installation part I have no thoughts on it because I 
think the package management aspect is much more important. Managing the 
database of installed software etc... It would also be nice if when 
upgrading configuration files were merged and only if a conflict arises 
would the user need to intervene, maybe there could be an option in the 
package/script to specify if this is safe to do or not and if its not 
safe then a backup (backups should be made with the merge as well) is 
made and the user notified that they need to update/check their settings.

just a few thoughts...

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