[ros-dev] Life after audit

David Hinz post.center at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 21:54:28 CET 2006

I personally don't think the audit will take years, I would say it will 
be something around three months, until we have a ReactOS that installs 
and boots up into explorer.
And anybody who wants to develop something for ReactOS can create system 
utilities that don't depend that hardly on ReactOS and would run on 
Windows (like my idea for a new setup system and a package manager).

And I think ReactOS will be more solid after the audit and development 
will be easier as everything is reorganized and more intuitive for new 

And considering Microsofts development speed, it won't be that hard to 
avoid such lags... ;-)


David Hinz

Mikhail Y. Zvyozdochkin schrieb:
> Hi all,
> Steven Edwards wrote at http://www.reactos.org/xhtml/ru/news_page_14.html:
> "One final note, this audit of the code is going to take a long time. It 
> could take years, but it will happen, this project will come out better 
> than it was before".
> Whether means it, what all development will be suspended for the period 
> of audit? I understand necessity of audit, but I am afraid, that in a 
> year the urgency of the project will catastrophically fall, and it will 
> hopelessly lag behind from Microsoft :(.
> I want, that ReactOS have survived...
> WBR,
>  DarkHobbit
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