[ros-dev] New Setup system

Jerry crashfourit at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 17:15:39 CET 2006

I was thinking of a system that was ROS independent, ie can be used on 
other windows compatable platforms. I was also thinking of using an XML 
format that was already out there.

This (http://www.reactos.org/wiki/index.php/ReactOS_Package_Manager) was 
not really what  had in mind; although, it is a good start.

I'm thinking of putting my design ideas up on wiki so you can look at them.

David Hinz wrote:

> I personally would prefer a compression that uses solid archives, 
> nobody needs to just extract one file, we need them all. Maybe we can 
> create a new container format, that includes the dependencies of the 
> package at a specified position at the beginning of the file and then 
> the compressed archive.
> I'm thinking of a xml based package, it would look a bit like this:
> <rospckg version="1.0">
>   <head>
>     <package>ReactOS-base</package>
>     <version>0.3.0</version>
>     <dependencies>
>       <+ package="freeldr"> //this package is required
>         <minver>1.0</minver>  //it has to be at least this version
>         <maxver>1.2.1</maxver>  //any version higher than this one is 
> not allowed
>         <notver>1.0.1b;;1.1.1-badver</notver>  //these 
> versions are not allowed
>       </+>
>       <- package="ntldr">  //there is a conflict, these two packages 
> can't be installed at the same time
>         <exceptver>2.0.1-ros</exceptver>  //but this one IS allowed
>       </->
>     </dependencies>
>     <description>
>       <shortdesc>This is one sentence about this app</shortdesc>
>       <extdesc>Put the long description here, there is no 
> limit...</extdesc>
>     </description>
>   </head>
>   <archives>
>     <install base="%SYSTEMROOT%" type="7zip">
>       Here will be one compressed archive that will be unzipped to 
>     </install>
>     <install base="%WHATEVER%" type="tar"
>       And a tar archive...
>     </install>
>     <script type="registry">
>       Some registry values...
>     </script>
>     <script type="batch">
>       and a batchfile...
>     </script>
>   </archives>
> </rospckg>
> Greets,
> David Hinz
> Maarten Bosma schrieb:
>> I did already make the effort to create a package manager. The idea 
>> was to maintain only scripts which tell where to download the program 
>> and how to install it. So we do not have to waste our bandwidth for it.
>> Here are some informations:
>> http://www.reactos.org/wiki/index.php/ReactOS_Package_Manager
>> But we can drop if come up with something better.
>> Maarten Bosma
>> Mike Swanson schrieb:
>>> The default for 7-Zip is to make a "solid archive"-The concept that 
>>> is pretty natural to Unix-like OSes (similar to making a tar of 
>>> files and compressing it). It allows for _much_ better compression 
>>> than a non-solid archive. A non-solid archive just compresses each 
>>> file individually and wraps them up into a single file (like what 
>>> Zip does).
>>> On Saturday 28 January 2006 22:26, Kai Moonbourn wrote:
>>>> 7zip gives me a lot of problems when I want to extract archives of any
>>>> appreciable size; it's impossible to extract a single file(with any 
>>>> client
>>>> I've tested) without parsing through the entire archive, which can
>>>> immensely increase the amount of time to access even a trivially small
>>>> file.
>>>> On 1/28/06, Jerry <crashfourit at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> I could add diferent compression formats, like tgz, zip, bz2 to the
>>>>> installer.
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