[ros-dev] New Setup system

Maarten Bosma maarten.paul at bosma.de
Sun Jan 29 10:46:59 CET 2006

I did already make the effort to create a package manager. The idea was 
to maintain only scripts which tell where to download the program and 
how to install it. So we do not have to waste our bandwidth for it.

Here are some informations:

But we can drop if come up with something better.

Maarten Bosma

Mike Swanson schrieb:
> The default for 7-Zip is to make a "solid archive"-The concept that is pretty 
> natural to Unix-like OSes (similar to making a tar of files and compressing 
> it). It allows for _much_ better compression than a non-solid archive. A 
> non-solid archive just compresses each file individually and wraps them up 
> into a single file (like what Zip does).
> On Saturday 28 January 2006 22:26, Kai Moonbourn wrote:
>>7zip gives me a lot of problems when I want to extract archives of any
>>appreciable size; it's impossible to extract a single file(with any client
>>I've tested) without parsing through the entire archive, which can
>>immensely increase the amount of time to access even a trivially small
>>On 1/28/06, Jerry <crashfourit at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>I could add diferent compression formats, like tgz, zip, bz2 to the

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