[ros-dev] New Setup system

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Sun Jan 29 01:35:28 CET 2006

You must've misunderstood/confused AIK/XIMAGE with the Vista installer 
itself. I was not referring to the fact that Vista copies the entire 
image system partition and installes from there. The new installer 
technology allows a product to be split in any number of dependent or 
independent packages, which each OEM can decide on what to include. 
These packages can also be used to create a CD that has 5 Windows 
versions, with one "Base" package, the other packages being simply the 
different files. While Vista doesn't use this to its full potential (at 
least yet), nothing stops us from using it fully, and it would allow 
exactly this kind of debian packaging.

AIK itself is an administrator's dream, both from the installation 
viewpoint, as well as to being able to setup post-install patches/tools 
as part of the .XIM. It also supports internet updating.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

David Hinz wrote:

> Alex Ionescu schrieb:
>> Sounds a lot like the new Vista AIK and the XIMAGE system Microsoft 
>> is working on. Not saying that's a bad thing, on the contrary, but 
>> why re-invent the wheel? We could just use their tools.
> And exactly that is what it's not. I've been looking a lot at the new 
> Vista deployment tools and ximage in the last two weeks, and the 
> difference is, that MS creates a file based image of the whole system 
> partition, copies it onto the harddisk and starts the setup, and what 
> I described is a bit more like the debian installer, everything is in 
> packages, that depend on other packages (or not) and each of them has 
> it's own configuration.
> This is much more customizable and flexible than Microsofts ximage.
> You can create one cd for the whole company, but when you have 
> installed ReactOS you just have to connect to the repository server 
> and select the repositories you need for this workstation. You will 
> never ever have to touch this workstaion again, it will be 
> automatically updated with exactly the things needed on this workstation.
> Keep in mind, my idea is not to make the installation as fast as 
> possible and to waste as less space on the installation medias as 
> possible, I want to make the administrators job a bit easier.
> Plus this has positive effects for home users too, as we have a system 
> wide update manager and not one for every vendor.
>> Best regards,
>> Alex Ionescu
> Greets,
> David Hinz
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