[ros-dev] New Setup system

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Sat Jan 28 23:25:19 CET 2006

David Hinz wrote:

> Hey guys,
> at first I was shocked, when I read that you want to audit all code 
> and will have to rewrite a lot of the old code, but then I realised, 
> that this is a great chance for making improvements.
> Here's one of my ideas:
> We could create a completely new setup, that will have a gui (not 
> really a new idea...).
> But the second thing would be to create something similar to debians 
> apt and debconf.
> My idea was to create a new setup, that installs ReactOS in packets, 
> that would look a bit like this:
> A compressed archive (maybe bzip) that contains a folder with all the 
> files, that need to be installed, one file that contains informations 
> like e.g. where to put the files (%SYSTEMROOT% or %WINDIR%...) and one 
> script file that looks a bit like a batch file. Maybe we could add a 
> file, that contains some questions and hints, that can be interpreted 
> by different configuration utilities.
> That is, what is IN these archives, in addition to this the header of 
> the file would contain uncompressed information about the 
> dependencies, so that they are easier to read.
> All this would give us some big advantages.
> For example we would be able to create different distributions and 
> repositories.
> Companies would be able to have a mirror of our repository and could 
> additionally have their own repositories, whose files depend on ours.
> This would ease deployment in big companies and would be a big 
> advantage  compared to Microsoft, as everything happens completely 
> unattended, even if you upgrade from ReactOS 1.0 to 3.0.
> I'm looking forward to read what you think about my idea.
> Greets,
> David Hinz
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Sounds a lot like the new Vista AIK and the XIMAGE system Microsoft is 
working on. Not saying that's a bad thing, on the contrary, but why 
re-invent the wheel? We could just use their tools.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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