[ros-dev] New Setup system

David Hinz post.center at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 22:47:22 CET 2006

Hey guys,

at first I was shocked, when I read that you want to audit all code and 
will have to rewrite a lot of the old code, but then I realised, that 
this is a great chance for making improvements.

Here's one of my ideas:

We could create a completely new setup, that will have a gui (not really 
a new idea...).
But the second thing would be to create something similar to debians apt 
and debconf.
My idea was to create a new setup, that installs ReactOS in packets, 
that would look a bit like this:

A compressed archive (maybe bzip) that contains a folder with all the 
files, that need to be installed, one file that contains informations 
like e.g. where to put the files (%SYSTEMROOT% or %WINDIR%...) and one 
script file that looks a bit like a batch file. Maybe we could add a 
file, that contains some questions and hints, that can be interpreted by 
different configuration utilities.
That is, what is IN these archives, in addition to this the header of 
the file would contain uncompressed information about the dependencies, 
so that they are easier to read.

All this would give us some big advantages.
For example we would be able to create different distributions and 
Companies would be able to have a mirror of our repository and could 
additionally have their own repositories, whose files depend on ours.
This would ease deployment in big companies and would be a big advantage 
  compared to Microsoft, as everything happens completely unattended, 
even if you upgrade from ReactOS 1.0 to 3.0.

I'm looking forward to read what you think about my idea.


David Hinz

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