[ros-dev] Propose standards for the audit

Jerry crashfourit at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 08:19:47 CET 2006

It is a good idea, but I have an idea.  Why don't we use the dirty code 
we find to write documentation for the related function, and have 
someone else re-impliment it using that documentation?

Steven Edwards wrote:

>Ok here are some proposed ground rules for the audit. Mostly thanks to
>Art and Alex. We are still open for debate on this
>0. Everyone needs commit all documentation you have reverse enginered
>something so that someone else can reimplement it. Filip has some nice
>docs at
>There is stuff I posted on the Wiki and Bugzilla. Can someone make a
>api-documentation module in svn and commit all this stuff to there?
>1. A function is deemed to have been implemented in a non-clean manner if
> - "unknown" arguments given values
> - functions for which there is NO DOCUMENTATION
> - functions with no test cases available either in ReactOS or
>somewhere on the internet
> - functions with undocumented magic numbers
> - functions with excessive gotos
>NO DOCUMENTATION means it cannot be found on MSDN, Google,
>sysinternals, osronline, any book published by Microsoft Press or any
>other publication.
>2. The following does not count
> - functions of 5 or less lines of code
> - functions for which every basic unit corresponds to a clause in the
>official documentation
> - functions which mimic those implemented in other libraries and that
>work similarly
>3. Even if the function body is not clean, the prototype can remain.
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