[ros-dev] Best wishes for a fresh start

Thomas Weidenmueller w3seek at reactos.com
Fri Jan 27 02:22:10 CET 2006

Hey devs,

I hope the new rules we established will prevent something similar in
the future and I really hope this project will one day succeed. It's not
going to be an easy task, but it can be done. I wish you all best luck
to succeed.

However, the amount of effort more or less wasted, and personal reasons
made me decide that it's better for me to step back for now until
ReactOS some day reaches this point of maturity again. I basically don't
have the resources and energy to devote so much time, again.
Re-inventing the wheel already is controversial, but I personally can't
do it yet another time.

I've met many very talented people ever since I joined almost three
years ago, so it's very sad for me to leave most of this behind. Even
though there were disagreements occasionally, it was great fun for me to
collaborate and create something unique and outstanding. However, I'm
going to try to stay in touch at least.

I encourage everyone to stay if somehow possible and rebuild ReactOS!

Thanks for everything that was done for me and the countless hours of
fun I had with this project.

Best Regards,


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