[ros-dev] Code Auditing Questions

M Bealby mbealby at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 21:36:51 CET 2006

>We ask that they go in bugzilla just because just for bookeeping
>purposes and so that it doesnt get lost and forgotten.  Though at time
>bugzilla is neglected.  I will try to keep up with you on the reports
>that you send it. Im sorry I didnt do a better job in the past, I forgot
>about that bug.  Also, if you are in irc and something is small fix that
>you dont want to report to bugzilla, im usually in there and mostly I
>have time here and there to fix things throughout the day.

Hey Brandon,

I wasn't targetting anyone in particular with that post, so I hope I
haven't offended you or anyone else.  I just noticed that the bug was
still open when I checked how I reported them previously.  I know the
developers are always stretched in that they want to always implement
new code to improve the functionality of ReactOS.  I don't think there
will be a flood of bugs filed as it will be a slow process, so don't
worry about that. :)

Everything of a significant size will go through bugzilla.  I just
wasn't sure about how I should report them to it.  Some other projects
like every single instance of every bug to be filed under a different
bug number.  I can see why they like this method but I think it can be
unhelpful.  If no one suggests otherwise I'll use my original
suggested method.

Thanks for the replies so far, they've been very helpful as I'm not
*really* familiar with the code yet.


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