[ros-dev] Code Auditing Questions

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Sun Jan 22 20:55:26 CET 2006

M Bealby wrote:

>Hey all,
>Reporting of errors?
>How should I go about reporting the errors?  I was previously told to
>report all occasions of the incorrect uses of the RtlAllocateHeap
>function under the same bug number (no 1110, some still unfixed).  Is
>this the preferred method for my code auditing results?  I would like
>to submit the bugs as quickly as possible, so I can keep my working
>tree as close to possible to head, but this may mean submitting
>multiple bug reports for the same problem.  I think that the best
>option is to submit similar bugs in the same module under the same
>report, but open a new bug if the same vulnerability occurs in another
>module. Thoughts?
We ask that they go in bugzilla just because just for bookeeping 
purposes and so that it doesnt get lost and forgotten.  Though at time 
bugzilla is neglected.  I will try to keep up with you on the reports 
that you send it. Im sorry I didnt do a better job in the past, I forgot 
about that bug.  Also, if you are in irc and something is small fix that 
you dont want to report to bugzilla, im usually in there and mostly I 
have time here and there to fix things throughout the day.

>These are just some of my ideas that are floating around in my head at
>the moment.  I would welcome all feedback on this matter and I think I
>may create a wiki page with the same information on.  Again, thoughts
>on this would be nice as I haven't really used wiki's before.
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