[ros-dev] Re: [ros-svn] [mbosma] 20952: Delete libjpeg because sedwards and greatlord thought we should wait with jpeg support until the patent expired. If someone got a different opinion please take the issue to ros-dev.

Casper Hornstrup ch at eudicon.com
Fri Jan 20 20:37:07 CET 2006

I hereby "take the issue to ros-dev", because I have a different 
opinion. ReactOS is filled with patented (to more and lesser extent, 
ranging from SEH to scrollbars, I kid you not) features, and I believe 
it is hypocritical to simply remove one of them. I don't know the 
details on the libjpeg patent, but I do know that linux distributions 
use libjpeg as well, and I haven't seen them remove it yet. I officially 
request a vote to revert this commit.

Thanks for reading,


I agree. Make the support optional instead and let the user choose which
features to enable. ReactOS frame-based exception handling is also covered
by a patent. Of course, if you disable that feature then ReactOS is
practically unusable ;-( But my point is, let the user choose. The user can
buy a license for these patent covered features if they need one.


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