[ros-dev] So long and thanks for all the code ing

David Johnson davidjohnson.johnson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 23:24:20 CET 2006

Does this mean the ROS is going to die a violent death?
No hope for a real alternative to M$ Windoze?

I am really looking forward to Version # 1.0.0 of ROS in both x86 and PPC.

People we (you devs) need to stick togather. Become a team! People are
counting on YOU!

ROS-PPC + Open Workstation Computing platform. = Power to the People!

If you have to become 90% WinOS compatable then so be it! 90% is better than

XP apps can be ported to ROS.

Maybe GvG and WD will come back if ROS went in this direction.
Port Linux GNU code if you have to. Lets get a new GUI and a Integrated
sound system.
Use a open file system not FAT. Write a translator for FAT.
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