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Steven Edwards winehacker at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 21:57:21 CET 2006


On 1/19/06, Alex Ionescu <ionucu at videotron.ca> wrote:
> 1) Those magic sizes were calculated in my head and I didn't have time
> 2) This is not a matter of driver compatibility. The fast system call

In regards to points 1 and 2 your explanation can be left up to the
other developers to decide. When Hartmut, Filip, Art, and every other
developer on irc/email says there is a problem I tend to believe them.
I think the kernel developers should decide if there are violations
and remove any cod that is found to be offending. I think that if it
was all implemented in the methods you described then no, its not as
bad a violation as its made out to be. However its still a issue.

> 3) I find the idea of removing code that "Violates policy" ludicrous. No
> one has the right to dermine if some piece of code violates policy or
> not, especially if the author writing it denies it. Only a judge or
> lawyer should be able to make that decision. Additionally, in this

I guess we never should have reverted Jon Wilsons patches that were
copy/pasted from MSDN because they were just function prototypes and
not real code. No the same rules apply. What point is there in having
rules if we don't hold to them?

> specific case, what could be done? The code is in SVN and even if
> rewritten it will 1) look the same, excpt "edx" would become "esi" and
> vice-versa 2) a judge would still argue that "hey, you had the previous
> code in SVN for over a year, you've all been tainted and could've just
> as easily looked at it". Furthermore, such attitude might start
> devolving into a dangerous witchhunt. Don't like someone's code? Report
> them and have it removed! This communist-era and fascist-era behaviour
> deeply scares me and reminds me of a country and regime which I fled. I
> do not want to see it happen, because it would slowly kill and rip apart
> this project.

At the risk of pissing off another developer, I have to say it. Your
development methods and attitude have been doing that. Hartmut is
leaving because of code he feels is tainted by the methods you use.
Ge' spends less and less time working on ReactOS because he can't deal
with your methods or behavior. Blight would not have been so pissed
off about you breaking KDB if you had not fucked up the formatting at
the same time you "fixed" it so he could have at least followed the
code and tried to fix it or added a hack. He might not have even been
so pissed off had you given a damn and helped him fix it.

> These monthly Alex-bashings are starting to tire me very much and maybe
> it's time I took an offensive position instead of a defensive one. I do
> not want to start naming names, but many of our developers have already
> violated our policy in different ways. If you actively start enforcing
> it, then it will be my duty as an active developer to enforce it as
> well, meaning that hiding any information I have concerning other
> developers' violations would be considered as complicity, so I would be
> legally bound to report them. In other words, this would mean that the
> project would lose half of its developers.

Now lets get down to it. Lets say even if you have not violated the
rules we agreed up and all of the developers are wrong about needing
to revert some of your patches. I do not take well to threats. I do
not appreciate it, nor does anyone else. I do not want to work with
you any longer on this project. If you want to make threats, I suggest
you take your ball and go play somewhere else.

> I am sick of being treated as the black sheep and the "example". This
> stops here. I have always been put in the spotlight for almost any
> action I took, and I've always taken steps to repair it. But these
> public trials of guilt have passed a limit. Either start questionning
> everyone and treating every developer the same, or stop using me as a tool.

Stop doing things that drive developers away from this project. If you
want to try and destroy this project out of some childish revenge then
come out, make your accusations and be done with it, otherwise play by
the rules.

I propose a vote on Hartmuts proposal depending on if he will stay
with the project

Audit and rewrite code that is found to violate the IP Policy Doc
[] Yes
[] No

Steven Edwards - ReactOS and Wine developer

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and
that is an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

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