[ros-dev] Bye bye

Radovan Skolnik Radovan_Skolnik at tempest.sk
Thu Jan 19 21:19:17 CET 2006


I'd never thought I'd take part in such a debate. Let me comment from a
position of someone who's been folowing this project with great
anticipation and high hopes.

First of all I must say Alex's work and commitment to the project is
outstanding. Maybe it is that he somehow makes his work most visible (I'm
not trying to diminish the great work that all contributors have done).

However the discussion here is about something else. I do not think the
discussion should be going along the lines if things can be done any other
way or not. Also I wouldn't think that what someone called 'intent' is the
most important thing (it maybe would be if it saved lives of people). The
thing here is not about whether Alex understands the code he put into SVN
(extensively) commented.

Let me provide an example here on a bit different level: suppose I like
what a commercial(!) Java (or any other decompilable language) program does
and decide to implement an open-source implementation. Would it be
acceptable if I used decompiler to produce a readable code, study it,
understand it, copy and paste those decompiled sources into my project and
comment it extensively? I do not think so. The argument of understanding
the code is irrelevant in this case as it is irrelevant in ReactOS's case.
Is there so much difference between decompiled Java source code and
disassembled binary (especially when the source has been assembly

The issue here is about the method and I believe (and that makes me sad)
the method Alex used was against the law and no good intent can change
that. I think copy-and-paste is illegal under any circumstances (I am
strong oponnent of American patent law). I wish very much that Alex and
Hartmut as well continue to work on this project and we see a day when it
becomes an alternative to Windows. But this case puts the project into big
danger in my opinion.

Just my 2cents.

Best regards

   Radovan Skolnik

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