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Casper Hornstrup ch at eudicon.com
Thu Jan 19 20:04:26 CET 2006

Then provide proof that it can't be written another way. Also, no one has
mentioned why ReactOS need this code. Which driver or application won't work
without this code?




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I have steped in on other matters where a project developer ( was Alex also
) was attacked. Seeing that these "growing pains" of the project seem to be
re-occuring ( and in diferent areas of the project ). I realize I am an
outsider of the project, but none the less, i feel that an important problem
is starting to rear its little ugly head: there aren't any non-developer
types there to help deal with sticking to policy ( because from what i can
see, the developers are to envolved with code to handle policy) and I think
that in order to prevent further contamination of the code, there needs to
be a single (or group) individual responsable for collecting information on
how MS handles things. 

In this matter, I have to say that I agree with WD and think Alex's actions
were ok. He showed that if required to re-write his code, he would at least
have enough of an understanding to write something that worked. I feel that
Hartmut's actions are hostile, and questionable, though I do agree that the
binary code doesn't lie, and a major portion of React OS binary is similar
to MS'es, but in duplicating functionality, this should be expected... 


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