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Brian briandabrain at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 18:50:14 CET 2006

I have steped in on other matters where a project developer ( was Alex also
) was attacked. Seeing that these "growing pains" of the project seem to be
re-occuring ( and in diferent areas of the project ). I realize I am an
outsider of the project, but none the less, i feel that an important problem
is starting to rear its little ugly head: there aren't any non-developer
types there to help deal with sticking to policy ( because from what i can
see, the developers are to envolved with code to handle policy) and I think
that in order to prevent further contamination of the code, there needs to
be a single (or group) individual responsable for collecting information on
how MS handles things.

In this matter, I have to say that I agree with WD and think Alex's actions
were ok. He showed that if required to re-write his code, he would at least
have enough of an understanding to write something that worked. I feel that
Hartmut's actions are hostile, and questionable, though I do agree that the
binary code doesn't lie, and a major portion of React OS binary is similar
to MS'es, but in duplicating functionality, this should be expected...

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