[ros-dev] Bye bye

Royce Mitchell III royce3 at ev1.net
Wed Jan 18 22:12:02 CET 2006

Hartmut Birr wrote:

>I don't agree completely with our legal policy. In my opinion, it is
>allowed to use reverse-engineering to find out interfaces or something
>like this. It isn't allowed to disassemble windows to study how the fast
>call entry works or to find out how the APC code is implemented. There
>exist some paper on the web. It is allowed to use the nice paper from
>David P. Probert (Windows Kernel Development). It isn't allowed to use
>the code from the dude called CrazyLord (Reverse Engineer).
This isn't quite fair, unfortunately. We've gone a long time without an 
explicit policy regarding this subject, mostly because we were all in 
agreement. You can't boot someone out because they violated a rule that 
wasn't made clear to them. OTOH, if our position is clearly stated and 
is violated then I agree - begone with them.

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