[ros-dev] Bye bye

Ge van Geldorp gvg at reactos.org
Wed Jan 18 20:21:05 CET 2006

> From: Jason Filby
> What we haven't defined is the process of what happens when 
> someone suspects that our policy has been violated. I think 
> now is a good time to do that. I also don't think the 
> offender - even if proven guilty - should be kicked out of 
> the project (at least not for a 1st time violation). The 
> code, however, should be removed and rewritten.

I'm sorry, but I disagree with you on this. We have a clear policy, everyone
contributing to the project should feel bound by it. Copyright violation is
a serious matter for software in general, but for this project in
particular. I think everyone has the same experience: when you tell other
people about ReactOS one of the first questions usually is: but won't
Microsoft sue you? My standard reply is: how could they, we're not doing
anything illegal. I think we better make damn sure that we are indeed not
doing anything illegal.

Why should we give someone who endangers the whole project only a slap on
the wrist? When he knowingly violates the policy (not to mention the law),
how can I trust him not to do that again? Trust is an important part of this
project, I'm not in the habit of disassembling Microsoft Windows to check if
a particular contribution was ripped from Windows, I need to be able to
trust my fellow devs. If it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that someone
violated that trust I want his commit rights to be terminated, immediately.
After that we need to assess what damage was done and how we can repair it.

> Hartmut: I think you need to come forward with your 
> investigations results as Steven asked.

Yes, please. If you know there's something broken in this project, please
give us the chance to fix it.


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