[ros-dev] Listing function prototypes

M Bealby mbealby at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 10:43:47 CET 2006

Hey again,

Jerry, I never thought about using doxygen, but it fit my needs well,
thanks.  Steven, I didn't know where to find the sdk, but thanks

I knocked up a little script to take some copied and pasted excerpts
from the doxygen documentation to create a big function list (as I
couldn't find one in doxygen directly).  I'll hopefully find some time
to modifiy the script to add some extra features such as pulling the
information directly from the doxygen documentation and also including
typedefs and global variables.

Anyway, I have a function list for ntoskrnl at svn revision 20860.  I
would imagine it should stay pretty similar over newer revisions as
the function calls don't normally change.

You can get it at:

I thought it might help anyone who needed a quick function reference
(just return values and parameters) such as myself.  It's sorted by
function name.

While searching to see if there was an existing table I came across
the ``Ntoskrnl.exe functions'' stub in the wiki
(http://www.reactos.org/wiki/indesx.php/Ntoskrnl.exe_functions).  Do
you want me to add it in there too?


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