[ros-dev] MS's patent claims for FAT

Wierd_w wierd_w at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 13 13:46:46 CET 2006

I have found the full texts for the patents for FAT.
The links are very long, so I expect them to get
clipped. Regardless, here it goes anyway.




Those are all three patents listed by the MS FAT
patent notification page at MS.  I note how their
claims arent specific about what kind of 'memory
storage' the FAT structure is located in--- MS is
being really paranoid about it.

Still, IANAL, but I would say this is grounds for an
equitable estoppel. MS has allowed royalty free use of
FAT for how many years now? How many industries rely
on FAT support, as a De-Facto standard for floppies
and flash media? Sounds like a textbook case for
Equitable Estoppel.


(First item)

I would bring this to the FSF's attention.

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