[ros-dev] Compilation Units - Dealing with the lack of PCH in Wine

Casper Hornstrup ch at eudicon.com
Fri Jan 13 09:35:00 CET 2006

Wine needs to accept patches that resolve multiple definition errors for
this to work.

I don't want to see sharing code be made more difficult so IMHO we shouldn't
manually maintain such master source files because they would break often.
Gé has enough work to do sync'ing code as it is. If Wine doesn't want to
play, that's just too bad - for now.

You may also take the alternative approach of converting the Wine build
system to rbuild ;-) A lot of work, but I'm pretty sure you will see 500+%


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I have manually made a compilation unit and a patch with a 1 line diff
for uuid+shell32 and took my build from 30+ secs down to 9 on gcc.
Alex reported a drop from 22 to 1 on msvc. We need to create a master
source file for each Wine dll like the one attached and add some hacks
for the errors that popup. I have not tested the resulting shell32.dll
but it should work the same. I do not think we can automate generation
of the compilation unit sources for the Wine code due to the hacks we
will need to add like in the attached file.

Steven Edwards - ReactOS and Wine developer

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