[ros-dev] Patent on FAT

Rick Langschultz rlangschultz at cox.net
Fri Jan 13 07:08:43 CET 2006

I would rather pay the fees, as a developer I get to try new  
software, older software, and then decide. I would rather see ReactOS  
use something more stable than FAT or FAT32. XFS, EXT3, or Reiser  
would be better choices for file systems. However I understand that  
developing a Virtual File System to access those other file systems  
would be complex and take weeks, months, if not years to do.

I would rather not use Microsoft Software at all. That is why I  
bought an Apple computer at least they are stable and don't BSOD when  
installing new drivers, software, or browsing the net.

Instead of $.35 for an ISO image why not just round up the the  
nearest dollar? This would allow ReactOS to pay Microsoft for more  
copies as well as returning more profit to the group... Plus my bank  
charges me for transactions online. It sucks but to be charged 1  
dollar for a .35 cent download is ridiculous.

i choose to keep software free while maintaining IP.
On Jan 12, 2006, at 11:25 PM, Richard wrote:

> Rick Langschultz wrote:
>> What happened to Free Software...
> <snip>
> Corporations are pushing it out of existence.  ReactOS cannot  
> continue to use patented features without properly licensing these  
> features.  To do so would endanger the project.  Which would you  
> rather have, pay a small fee to use the patented features or not  
> use the patented features at all?
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