[ros-dev] Wininet

Ge van Geldorp gvg at reactos.org
Mon Jan 9 17:20:41 CET 2006

> From: Robert Shearman
> Why is the ReactOS version of wininet out of sync with Wine?

As far as I know, it was imported once, a long time ago, and was way out of
sync when the regular sync'ing of Wine stuff began. If I remember correctly,
the problem at that moment was that wininet used Linux socket I/O instead of
going through WinSock. I also have faint recollections of Alexandre
insisting that it should remain that way and any differences between Wine
and ReactOS should be handled by some creative use of the preprocessor.
I don't know if all of this is still true (or indeed, I'm not 100% sure it
was ever true...), I'll look into re-importing wininet.


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