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Royce Mitchell III royce3 at ev1.net
Thu Jan 5 21:04:16 CET 2006

Steven Edwards wrote:

>So here is the first in what I hope to be quarterly reports. In future
>reports I will provide more detail such as charts and graphs if I feel
>so inclined. Depending on how much goes on in a period we may make it
>every 6 months instead of every 3 months. Basically this report just
>covers what has gone on during the 0.2.x development and where we plan
>on going. Developers that I spoke with in private or that I have
>worked with are listed here as to the project I know you have or are
>working on. If your not listed please add yourself to
>Also could someone convert this from Microsoft Word to OpenOffice and
>or PDF and check the formatting of the doc? I lack good artistic skill
>so feel free to make corrections before spamming it anywhere. I think
>I spelled all the names right. Sorry if I left off any accent.
>Also as a final note if I left of your project or did not give it the
>coverage you feel it deserves do not take it personal. We are working
>on a massive project and I have not even talked to all of the people
>with commit access let alone know all of the things people are working
>on. I have tried to keep the information here as general as possible
>except where I feel that the public may  have interest.
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