[ros-dev] Re: [ros-svn] [ion] 20554: - Fix shamefully dangerously broken Work Thread/Queue/Item implementation:

Hartmut Birr osexpert at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 5 16:04:53 CET 2006

Alex Ionescu wrote:
> Hi,
> Can you try the latest build please? It fixes some bugs in worker
> threads and waiting mechanisms.
I get the same result:

(./ntoskrnl/ke/wait.c:750 CPU0) KiAbortWaitThread: 81381a18, Status:
102, 81381ac0
<ntoskrnl.exe:9c36 (./ntoskrnl/ke/wait.c:751 (KiAbortWaitThread))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:9b98 (./ntoskrnl/ke/wait.c:726 (KiWaitTest))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:866b (./ntoskrnl/ke/timer.c:307 (KiHandleExpiredTimer))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:861e (./ntoskrnl/ke/timer.c:273 (KiExpireTimers))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:336b (./ntoskrnl/ke/dpc.c:554 (KiDispatchInterrupt))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:8f0fd (./ntoskrnl/ps/thread.c:90 (PspSystemThreadStartup))>

- Hartmut

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