[ros-dev] Optimization Proposal

Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Wed Jan 4 10:48:23 CET 2006

Why not have threelevel of DBG
0 = DBG off
1 = as now
2 = -O2  with debug on.

and release build should change from -Oz to -O3
to gain more speed. the size is not a issue make it faster.
if the exe file are large or smaller- the large one can be faster that the
small one.

That is what I think

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> > - -O2 means easier debugging. This point is really important
> > because until I realized how true it was, I didn't want to
> > bring this up. Here is a pseudo(but real) disassembly of
> > something I've seen in my dbg = 1 kernel binary while debugging:
> ... Lots of code
> > This is how it looks with -O2
> ... Far less code
> > I hope we can all agree on which one of these is readable.
> For me the most readable is the source form, not the disassembly.
> with optimization turned on means the correspondence between source and
> object forms is often broken, making tracing hard. Local variables are
> kept in registers instead of on the stack and are much harder to inspect.
> Since I seem to be just about the only one using a source-level debugger
> really cannot understand how the rest of you can live without it, but
> just my opinion <g>) I don't want to block the switch to -O2, but please
> create an easy way to switch it off.
> GvG
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