[ros-dev] Different problem with fastinterlck_asm.S ;-(

Alex Buell alex.buell at munted.org.uk
Sun Jan 1 21:34:46 CET 2006

On Sun, 1 Jan 2006 20:22:38 +0100 "Ge van Geldorp" <gvg at reactos.org>
waved a wand and this message magically appeared:

> > From: Alex Buell
> > 
> > [GAS]      ntoskrnl/ex/i386/fastinterlck_asm.S
> > ntoskrnl/ex/i386/fastinterlck_asm.S: Assembler messages:
> > ntoskrnl/ex/i386/fastinterlck_asm.S:408: Error: suffix or operands invalid
> for `cmpxchg8b' 
> I believe cmpxchg8b is a Pentium-or-higher instruction, so we shouldn't be
> using it (at least not without testing if it's available).

FYI I use the following versions: binutils, gcc 3.4.2 to
build ReactOS. 


Anyone that thinks an imaginary deity is going to protect them against 
earthquakes and hurricanes needs psychiatric help.

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