[ros-dev] Happy New Year!

Reuben Perelman reub2000 at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 1 07:24:41 CET 2006

Happy new year from -0600 (CST).

Casper Hornstrup wrote:

>Happy New Year to you all!
>2005 was a great year for ReactOS. The core ReactOS code base is now
>120MB large. The repository is currently 624MB large and contains
>~20500 revisions. ~8000 of these revisions were created in 2005. This
>mean 39% of the total number of revisions created during ReactOS'
>entire 8 year history was created in 2005!
>I'm positive that we will see similar growth (if not more) in 2006.
>Keep up the good work!
>Best regards,
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