[ros-dev] installation methods?

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Thu Sep 29 22:28:07 CEST 2005

Which are current installation methods for ReactOS?

so far only an ISO it seems, which for non-emulators requires to 
write/burn a disk,
turn it into a drive that can read burned media (not all cdrom drives 
can do this),
and also requires El-Torito support from the system BIOS.

That last part might be worked around, if not supported by the system, 
by using Smart Boot Manager,
which provides its own Eltorito stack.

-why do an installed ROS, a ROS LiveCD and a ROS installCD all have a 
directory (root_of_drive)\REACTOS ?
 This makes it complex to have all 3 on 1 drive.
 WindowsXP/BartPE can use C:\WINDOWS (installed), C:\I386 (setup) , 
C:\MINIPE (LiveCD) for example

-Is it possible to copy the contents of the install CD to a 2nd fat 
partition, and setup FreeLDR (on diskette for example)
 to boot that directory?
 some line like:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)\partition(2)\ReactOS="Install ReactOS from 

if the ReactOS install CD used any other directory name than a hardcoded 
'\REACTOS', then 1 partition would have been enough.
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)\partition(1)\ROSsetup="Install ReactOS from 

-How do I obtain FreeLDR, other than "installing ReactOS in an emulator 
first and selecting to install bootloader to A:" ?
 Can't find the old DOS INSTALL.COM/EXE file along with both FREELDR.SYS/INI

-Does installing ReactOS from harddisk actually work?
 At least it prevents users having to provide controller/cdrom drivers 
(be it DOS or Win32 drivers).

-Anyone tried ROS LiveCD + QEMU (without configuring a harddisk!) ? 
doesn't bootup, might be a QEMU issue.
 Vmware + LiveCD works, though C was assigned which isn't nice in case 
you decide to partition in a GUI Diskmanagement

In best case, FreeLDR or a minisetup would be able to handle a (zipped) 
ISO by extracting the files inside it
to a temporary location, and start setup from there.
Is there any premade FreeLDR diskette image available somewhere?


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