[ros-dev] VOTE: List loop macros in ntoskrnl?

KJKHyperion hackbunny at reactos.com
Thu Sep 29 18:11:47 CEST 2005

Thomas Weidenmueller wrote:

Vote (normative):

>[*] Yes
>[ ] No
Rationale (informative): it's code that would have to be written in any 
case (there's no other algorithm to traverse a list -> no added bloat), 
it's the same code over and over again (easy to introduce errors by 
retyping or copy-pasting), and it's code that cannot be implemented in 
an inline function due to deficiencies of the C language. Once the macro 
is proven correct, and possibly invariant ASSERTs are added, there will 
be no need to ever debug it

In my opinion an overblown minor issue and a sterile debate with fear 
tactics (appeal to authority, slippery slope, ad hominem) used in place 
of logic in making arguments

Additional proposal: invariant ASSERTs in list manipulation routines, 
especially the precondition that inputs are valid LIST_ENTRYs. Saved my 
ass so many times

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