[ros-dev] IRC Logs

Royce Mitchell III royce3 at ev1.net
Thu Sep 29 16:29:14 CEST 2005

Rick Langschultz wrote:

> My reasoning behind logging IRC would be to provide a place where  
> finding information about bugs, features, websites, etc on the  
> channel. If someone wanted to look up more information on a  
> particular subject they could simply click on the log and go to any  
> particular spot on the wiki or the web to obtain more information.  
> What if someone wasn't able to use IRC because they were at work, or  
> blocked because of parental controls, etc? Providing a log would  
> allow a person to find out what is happening. Just a thought.

If only these things were discussed on IRC, that would be great. We 
understood your reasoning already, but IRC is blocked by parental 
controls for good reason, and our IRC channels are no exception to that 
rule. This, among other things, makes it a bad idea to log and post on a 
web page, no matter how good some of the tidbits are.

How about this as a suggestion: get on IRC and ask one of the gurus to 
give a talk about a particular thing you are wanting to document, and 
put that conversation on the web, perhaps after a little editing. This 
is the tack I have taken for some things.

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