[ros-dev] VOTE: List loop macros in ntoskrnl?

Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Thu Sep 29 13:38:40 CEST 2005

I vote no
for it make the code harder to read and undertsand a bad example why not use
maroc inntoskrnl see
file win32k/eng/gardine.c  go to middle of the file. and try figout what the
hell going on there.
that is one exmple why not use marco. I are ageinst marco when it been using
to hide
complex code that are bit ugly when it using goto.  I am using goto some
time in my code
as last resures. And hide complex code that contain goto is even worse
in my eys and try understand what the hell is going on alot harders to
figout when u are using marco
with complex code.

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> As according to our voting rules, any permanent developer may vote on
> this for one week as of now.
> Should the flow control macros for looping double linked lists be
> allowed in ntoskrnl?
> [ ] Yes
> [ ] No
> More on voting can be found at:
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