[ros-dev] New website

Ge van Geldorp gvg at reactos.com
Wed Sep 28 23:02:00 CEST 2005

Thursday afternoon (UTC) the website will be unavailable for some time.
We're going to make the switch to the new website design then. At the same
time, we're moving to www.reactos.org as the primary name for the website,
with www.reactos.com being an alias (you'll be redirected automatically to
www.reactos.org if you use the old name).

The mailing lists are also going to be moved from reactos.com to
reactos.org, so if you have filtering in place please take this into

Many thanks to Michael Wirth and especially Klemens Friedl who put a lot of
effort in the new site.

Gé van Geldorp.

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