[ros-dev] Re: [ros-svn] [gdalsnes]18113:-reorderInsertXscendingOrder macro argument order and update uses

Gunnar Dalsnes hardon at online.no
Wed Sep 28 21:40:06 CEST 2005

Ge van Geldorp wrote:
>>From: Gunnar Dalsnes
>>>Oh, so goto's are acceptable if and only if you hide them 
>>>out of sight?
>>No, i think gotos are ok internally but i dont like them for return. 
>>First set a retval and then goto to the end. ugh...ly.
> The definition of your RETURN():
> #define RETURN(value) { _ret_ = value; goto _cleanup_; }
> which seems to set a retval and then does a goto to the end. So, again,
> "ugly code" (your words, not mine) is acceptable if you hide it out of
> sight?

Yes. Hiding it _is_ the point. Readability is what its all about. Not 
the code behind the names. I dont care whats behind a name/operator 
(compiler builtin, assembly, function call, macro etc.) as long as it do 
what i want and have a (in this case) _uniqueue_ name that describes 
what it does. Imo, "RETURN(45)" look better than "ret = 45; goto cleanup;".

BTW: As for thinking about what low level code lies behind a name i 
remeber the old(?) "i dont want to use while(TRUE) because it produce 
shitty asm, so i use for(;;) instead". I don't know if anyone thinks 
that anymore, but those who did needs a good spanking;-P

> BTW, the following code which looks perfectly acceptable won't compile
> correctly with your definition:
> if (somecondition)
>   RETURN(errorcode);
> else
>   do_something_else();
> I admit this is a bit contrived example, you don't need the "else".

Finally some constructive critisism;-P

It can be solved like this:

#define RETURN(value) do {_ret_ = value; goto _cleanup_; }while(0)

> Gé van Geldorp.


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