[ros-dev] Re: [ros-svn] [gdalsnes] 18113: -reorder InsertXscendingOrder macro argument order and update uses

Gunnar Dalsnes hardon at online.no
Wed Sep 28 00:15:33 CEST 2005

> Yeah it does, it should be expanded to properly show each step line by 
> line. 

Thats your opinion. Seeing the boring internals of walking a list a 
billion times only pisses me off. I rather hide it where it cant be seen 
and focus on the usefull code instead.

> Not macroized into a single unmaintainable ..thing.

There really is no way of "maintaining" how to walk a list. This is 
pretty much established "science". That why a macro is nice, because i 
dont want you to see it nor maintain it (or comment on the basic 
operations of list walking);-P


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