[ros-dev] Re: [ros-svn] [ea] 18050: Required for binary compatibility with MS KERNEL32.DLL.

Emanuele Aliberti ea at iol.it
Sun Sep 25 22:15:44 CEST 2005

Hi Mike!

KJKHyperion wrote:

> ea at svn.reactos.com wrote:
>> Required for binary compatibility with MS KERNEL32.DLL.
>> Filip and I still don't understand why KERNEL32 calls twice 
>> CsrConnectToServer.
>> A possible explanation is because the Win32 server is a dual server: 
>> gui+console.
> yes. It connects to subsystems 1 and 2. In general, all CSR calls made 
> by kernel32.dll are easily identifiable as calls to either subsystem 
> from their code (the subsystem code is in the upper 16 bits).

1=base and 2=console, as Alex reported. There are two missing servers: 
0=csr and 3=user. Maybe 3 is connected to by user32.dll or gdi32.dll and 
0 is a default gate. Mumble...

> The GUI subsystem's functions, if you were wondering, are:
> SrvExitWindowsEx
> SrvEndTask
> SrvLogon
> SrvRegisterServicesProcess
> SrvActivateDebugger
> SrvGetThreadConsoleDesktop
> SrvDeviceEvent
> SrvRegisterLogonProcess
> SrvCreateSystemThreads
> SrvRecordShutdownReason
Hmm... where are these symbols from?

:Emanuele Aliberti

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