[ros-dev] Moving onto 0.3 with networking

Reuben Perelman reub2000 at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 22 18:34:17 CEST 2005

I hoping that good enough means that you don't have to hack the drivers 
on common ethernet cards to get network working.

Murphy, Ged (Bolton) wrote:

> As one of our main features for 0.3, we can't progress out of the 
> 0.2.* releases until it is either complete, or the goalposts are moved.
> With nobody working on networking at the moment, 0.2.8 seems likely 
> and I'm starting to wonder how far into the 0.2.* releases we are 
> going to go.
> Also, at what stage will the network model be enough to satisfy a 0.3 
> release?
> Does this just mean stable, basic TCP/IP with basic ws2_32 support?
> How many drivers need to be supported?
> What about service providers for ws2_32.dll (Mswsock.dll is stubbed 
> apart from TransmitFile, and Wshtcpip.dll is non existent)
> What about NDIS?
> Change in circumstances has just released most of my evenings now, 
> however although I'm starting to work on networking apps, and 
> hopefully soon User Mode code, my coding skills and windows knowledge 
> are not yet up to a level where I can tackle the more in-depth stuff, 
> especially kernel mode (eek)
> Does any one plan to, or is anyone going to volunteer to take up 
> networking?
> I would be more than happy to throw all my spare time into helping 
> them in any way possible.
> If we glean some information from this email, I can start to document 
> it in the wiki (we don't have much networking documentation in there 
> at the moment)
> Regards,
> Ged.
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