[ros-dev] found it! the "dce porting" header file

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Sep 20 12:54:56 CEST 2005

dear hackbunny,

regarding your comments about screaming in pain and having teeth pulled
because of pthreads-win32, i am so so sorry: i cannot help you there.

i don't have the time nor the expertise.  i posted (some time
afterwards) a message indicating just how many occurrences of DCE
exception macros there are - it's literally hundreds.

at least pthreads-win32 "gets something going".

i believe strongly in "GetItWorking(tm)" and

i _don't_ believe in throwing everything away just because one way to
get things up and running quickly happens not to be the nicest solution.

it's a matter of priorities.

plus, like i said in my previous reply, DCE exceptions deal with
networking and memory errors in a runtime environment where application
designers _know_ that there's going to be order-of-milliseconds delays.

the usual speed-critical criteria which make people run away screaming
about exceptions simply do not apply.


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