[ros-dev] found it! the "dce porting" header file

Rick Langschultz rlangschultz at cox.net
Sat Sep 17 23:22:25 CEST 2005

Why do you want to ban him? If it is because he is trying to  
contribute in some form or fashion and is not flaming I think he  
should be allowed to stay. Some (MOST) of my posts aren't considered  
by reactos so when someone actually stumbles onto a resource they  
find interesting, insightful people want to ban them, wow sounds like  
the sharing of ideas isn't what you are all about. Sharing ideas and  
resources is what opensource is about. I find it frustrating when  
people write those kinds of posts asking someone to be banned. It is  
opensource, he is trying to contribute something, jump off of your  
high horse. Nobody is a programming god, we can all learn something.
On Sep 17, 2005, at 3:39 PM, Richard Campbell wrote:

> Can we like...vote to ban this dude?  he's getting annoying.
> Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> http://examples.oreilly.de/english_examples/dce/dce_nt/ 
>> dceport.h.aug95
>> o joy o joy.
>> also, i found _this_!!!
>>     http://sourceware.org/pthreads-win32/
>> which is an implementation of pthreads on win32.
>> _also_ i found - was reminded - by judicious searching on google,  
>> that
>> of course entegrity.com have "PC-DCE" which is of course a  
>> _commercial_
>> product that has done exactly the work required: making dce (1.1?
>> 1.2.2?) compile on Win32.
>> including exceptions, dealing with mapping the names, blah blahhh.
>> now.
>> anyone got any brainy ideas on how to reverse dceport.h - in  
>> particular
>> the thingy.  wotsit.  TRY/FINALLY/CATCH stuff?
>> what i'm going to try to do is take a shot at simply compiling
>> dcethreads - on win32.
>> if that _works_ (the tests pass) it'll be great - it will prove two
>> things: 1) that pthreads-win32 works 2) that the dce exception  
>> handling
>> will fly, on win32, and _that_ means pretty much zero (urk! let's  
>> hope!)
>> work.
>> for now.
>> my main goal: "GetItWorking(tm)".
>> i couldn't care less about binary compatibility for now: i want
>> "services" - i want srvsvcd, i want winregd, i want lsarpcd, i want
>> samrd - all compiled, all working, using TCP/IP.
>> i can then work on rewriting freedce's ntlmsspauth.so to be a DLL
>> (starting off as my favourite - a stub with username and password of
>> "test").
>> i can then work on writing an "ncalrpc" plugin transport (which is  
>> very
>> straightforward: a matter of filling in about 25 functions in a  
>> vector
>> table).
>> and also on a ncacn_np plugin transport.
>> "working" means that other people will then be able to focus on  
>> issues
>> like binary compatibility.
>> guys (wine team) i have to say this.  you were utterly insane to  
>> not use
>> freedce as your starting point - and i am still bewildered by you not
>> even looking at its source code (which is topologically identical in
>> almost all areas, to what you've created) or the opengroup's  
>> documentation.
>> i say that with the greatest of respect for what you've achieved  
>> without
>> freedce.
>> l.
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