[ros-dev] found it! the "dce porting" header file

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sat Sep 17 22:24:15 CEST 2005


o joy o joy.

also, i found _this_!!!


which is an implementation of pthreads on win32.

_also_ i found - was reminded - by judicious searching on google, that
of course entegrity.com have "PC-DCE" which is of course a _commercial_
product that has done exactly the work required: making dce (1.1?
1.2.2?) compile on Win32.

including exceptions, dealing with mapping the names, blah blahhh.


anyone got any brainy ideas on how to reverse dceport.h - in particular
the thingy.  wotsit.  TRY/FINALLY/CATCH stuff?

what i'm going to try to do is take a shot at simply compiling
dcethreads - on win32.

if that _works_ (the tests pass) it'll be great - it will prove two
things: 1) that pthreads-win32 works 2) that the dce exception handling
will fly, on win32, and _that_ means pretty much zero (urk! let's hope!)

for now.

my main goal: "GetItWorking(tm)".

i couldn't care less about binary compatibility for now: i want
"services" - i want srvsvcd, i want winregd, i want lsarpcd, i want
samrd - all compiled, all working, using TCP/IP.

i can then work on rewriting freedce's ntlmsspauth.so to be a DLL
(starting off as my favourite - a stub with username and password of

i can then work on writing an "ncalrpc" plugin transport (which is very
straightforward: a matter of filling in about 25 functions in a vector

and also on a ncacn_np plugin transport.

"working" means that other people will then be able to focus on issues
like binary compatibility.

guys (wine team) i have to say this.  you were utterly insane to not use
freedce as your starting point - and i am still bewildered by you not
even looking at its source code (which is topologically identical in
almost all areas, to what you've created) or the opengroup's documentation.

i say that with the greatest of respect for what you've achieved without


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