[ros-dev] Trunk Freeze

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at studiocerebral.com
Sat Sep 17 10:51:11 CEST 2005

I can't boot ReactOS with MP HAL (but compiled with SMP=0) - it hangs  
in VMWare 4.5 on the "Loading disk.sys". I remember some time ago it  
hun on "Loading buslogic.sys" but I just deleted it.

Installation of WinXP in the same virtual machine goes with  
installing APIC HAL.

I tried investigating these problems, because interrupts are not  
being delivered to the uhci driver, in VM it's placed either on IRQ 9  
if normal HAL is used, and on 0x19 if APIC mode is used.
I'm currently out of ideas why it doesn't work.


On Sep 16, 2005, at 11:35 AM, Hartmut Birr wrote:

> Alex Ionescu wrote:
>>> * Hartmut fixed the MP build. See, I didn't even know that was  
>>> broken.
>> We all need to get VMWare 5.5 and start MP testing :)
> The MP build will run on each computer which can run windows in apic
> mode. It will also run in vmware without smp support if the host is  
> apic
> capable. It exist one problem. It is always copied halup.dll to  
> hal.dll.
> I do always change the line with 'nameoncd' in halmp.xml and  
> halup.xml.
> - Hartmut

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