[ros-dev] Trunk Freeze

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Fri Sep 16 04:31:10 CEST 2005

WaxDragon wrote:

>    It's only been two weeks since I sent out the August State of the
>Repository, but the tree has already had 271 revisions. There have
>been several large commits, and trunk has had several build breakages,
>and instability in general.  Just today we had three commits reversing
>and unreversing some of Alex's changes.  
>I'm calling for a trunk
>freeze until several issues have been addressed.
>* The release build is broken. So far the string library and the usb
>code have been fixed.  I was working with Alex on a break in the
>exception handling when this topic came up.
There's only that annoying ctype problem in rtl, afaik, which should be 
fixed by including the modified ctype.h from ntoskrnl.

>* There seems to be a mysterious hang when shutting down ReactOS in
>qemu.  I've seen it personally and heard reports of it, but since it
>locks up qemu so bad you can't free the mouse, no one has gotten a
>trace (that I am aware of).
I don't have a hang...I used to have a crash in shell32... but now I 
have introduced a bug which makes the stack trace printing inside 
kernel32 crash, which causes a bsod. And yeah, I'm working on fixing 
this regression. Note however that there is a shutdown crash which I 
didn't cause though. Reverting prior to my changes should get you a trace.

>* Gunnar's win32k changes introduced several bugs, many of which were
>fixed, but I still feel unsure about others that may be hiding.
Agreed, there needs to be done a LOT of testing.

>* Hartmut fixed the MP build. See, I didn't even know that was broken.
We all need to get VMWare 5.5 and start MP testing :)

>I would like to freeze the tree for 72 hours, over the weekend,
>allowing bugfixes only.  I think we all need to grab a fresh copy and
>run it under every platform we have, checking all the options.
I totally agree.

>According to the rules set forth, I need three developers.  Who agrees
>to a trunk freeze?
I do.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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