[ros-dev] Trunk Freeze

WaxDragon waxdragon at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 02:58:23 CEST 2005

    It's only been two weeks since I sent out the August State of the
Repository, but the tree has already had 271 revisions. There have
been several large commits, and trunk has had several build breakages,
and instability in general.  Just today we had three commits reversing
and unreversing some of Alex's changes.  I'm calling for a trunk
freeze until several issues have been addressed.

* The release build is broken. So far the string library and the usb
code have been fixed.  I was working with Alex on a break in the
exception handling when this topic came up.
* There seems to be a mysterious hang when shutting down ReactOS in
qemu.  I've seen it personally and heard reports of it, but since it
locks up qemu so bad you can't free the mouse, no one has gotten a
trace (that I am aware of).
* Gunnar's win32k changes introduced several bugs, many of which were
fixed, but I still feel unsure about others that may be hiding.
* Hartmut fixed the MP build. See, I didn't even know that was broken.

I would like to freeze the tree for 72 hours, over the weekend,
allowing bugfixes only.  I think we all need to grab a fresh copy and
run it under every platform we have, checking all the options.

According to the rules set forth, I need three developers.  Who agrees
to a trunk freeze?

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